Landscape Lighting

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Landscape Lighting

A professional landscaping design and construction project brings many benefits including adding value, function and aesthetic appeal to a home or business. Use of outdoor areas does not have to be limited to the daytime, and professional landscape lighting means your garden or commercial premises can safely be used, viewed and navigated at any hour and all year round.
Well lit areas are also a major deterrent to intruders who prefer dark areas where they can’t be seen and where CCTV cameras are of little or no use. Lighting an area is not only a deterrent in itself, but it also greatly improves the clarity of security camera recordings meaning burglars will seek easier targets rather than expose themselves to unnecessary risk. 

Landscape lighting can be used in many ways to improve the look of a home or building or make it more functional. Up-lighting can highlight a specific area, garden feature, ornament, tree or other item. Paths can be lit so you, your family or guests can walk it more easily and safely. Patios and other outdoor areas can be used for nightime parties. Water features, fish ponds and swimming pools can be showcased. 
These are just a few of the examples of ways landscaped lighting can be of benefit and it can be done in a wide array of styles, finishes and light colours.

Garden Light Ideas

Outdoor garden lights are usually powered by mains electricity, battery or solar power. There are many energy saving styles and designs and long lasting batteries. Solar powered batteries are a more recent innovation and guarantee power even in shaded areas. Essentially the light is powered by the sun but the batteries are also recharged by it too meaning they are always charged and available to operate the light even at night.
This means the lights can be used 24/7 with the batteries being recharged by daylight and being a fall back source of electricity whatever the conditions.

Garden Spike & Bollard Lights – They are usually battery or solar powered giving you the freedom the place them anywhere. Bollards can provide 360 degrees of light or shine in one direction only. This means they can be used to illuminate a particular area or highlight a building or structure.

Spotlights – Can be placed in a variety of positions either higher up on a wall or tree with the light directed downwards, or at ground level pointing upwards. They emit a wide beam for lighting large areas. Outdoor spotlights are typically battery or mains powered but solar options are available.

Wall Lights – Decorative fittings for general purpose outdoor lighting.

Floodlights – Powerful, bright wide beam lighting often used for security triggered by a PIR sensor.

In-ground / Up-lighting – Have the effect of an upwards pointing spotlight that is embedded in the ground and flush with ground level. Can also be positioned vertically on steps or walls. Suitably rated fittings (IP 68) can even be completely submerged in water at the base of water features and other areas.

Decking Lights – Similar to in-ground lighting but fiited into wood.

Strings or Lanterns – Decorative lighting placed along walls, buildings, trees, bushes and other areas.

LED Candles – Perfect for a warm, cosy atmosphere and low power, low cost option if connected to the mains.

Benchmark Construction and Landscaping Services can assist you in designing and installing outdoor lighting of any kind together with any aspect of a landscaping and construction project.
Outdoor and garden lights can be designed into new plans or built into an existing home, commercial building, garden or larger grounds.
Our lighting and landscaping services are available throughout Kent, London, Sussex, Surrey and the south east.

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