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Benchmark Construction & Landscaping Services are professional, highly experienced commercial and residential landscapers operating in Maidstone, Medway Towns and surrounding areas of Kent. We provide a comprehensive range of garden services including patio and driveway design and construction, garden building installation, fencing, turfing, artificial grass installation and all other aspects of design and construction for your garden or outdoor area. As winter approaches it is important to keep lawns and grass healthy and maintained during the cold and wet winter months. The attached infographic gives further details but the basics of winter lawn care include: 

  • REST YOUR GRASS and try to keep off it and avoid walking on wet or frosty grass as much as possible
  • NO MOWING – grass does continue to grow during the winter but at a very slow rate and so mowing is not usually necessary. If you do decide to cut your grass give it only a light trim and remove a maximum of one-third of its height so as not to weaken it
  • AERATION – this involves perforating your grass with small holes to improve the circulation of oxygen in the soil and allows water and nutrients to penetrate deeper into the soil and strengthen grassroots. Specific tools can be bought or hired for the purpose but a garden fork is also ideal for aerating the grass
  • REMOVE DEAD LEAVES – do not allow leaves to accumulate on the grass as they can prevent light and water getting to the grass and if left for long periods can kill off the grass underneath
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For assistance with lawn care or commercial grounds maintenance please contact Benchmark Construction & Landscaping Services on 07522 777081 or email using the Contact form.

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